सी. एम. पी. पहल -

अंतिम अद्यतनीकरण : 22-11-2018

क्रम संख्या पहल कक्षा - विषय शिक्षण उद्देश्य शुरू की गई परिकल्पना शिक्षण उद्देश्य महसूस की या नहीं प्रभारी शिक्षक और पदनाम
1 Celebration of Grand parents day to develop sense of regard and responsibility,Session(2018-19) Class I - Class V To provide honour to our grand parents is the part of our Indian culture.KVS has taken initiative to inculcate this habit in our coming generation.Air cmd Aloke Roy,chairman VMC was the chief guest & Mrs.Sarita Roy,president AFWWA(L) was the guest of हां Dr. V. P. Mishra [ Principal ], H.M. & All teachers
2 Stress on spoken english,Session(2018-19) CLASS III - Class V Regular word chart for spellings,Reading short stories and narrate in their own words,Build words related to what they like about the friends, Ask the children to think audineal attire when they were sick and then grandparents looked after them. हां Teachers teaching class III to V
3 Film shows to improve communication skills, speaking and general knowledge,Session(2018-19) Class I - Class V Film shows were organised class wise in the school itself to facilitate easy informal learning. Later the learners were asked to the write or speak in short the moral of the film. Film shows based on moral values and great personalities helped in developi हां All teachers and H.M.
4 Medical Check up camps for the students,Session(2018-19) Class I - Class XII To aware students about their health,Medical check up cmps will be organized in the Vidyalaya premises in the month of Feb .A team of 7-8 doctors examined all the students thoroughly.Suggestions of doctors have been registered in medical cards. हां All teachers and H.M.
5 Arrangement for an Excursion Programme,Session(2018-19) Class VI - Class XII To provide opportunity to get knowledge from real life situations excursion tour programmes for all the students of classes VI to XII have been organized. हां All teachers
6 Cluster level CMP Activity,Session(2018-19) Students participated in various activities like Cricket(Boys),Kabaddi(Boys and Girls),Khokho(Girls),Fancy Dress,,Rangoli,.Group Dance,Group Song. हां Principal,H.M.,All Teachers
7 CMP Calander of Activities Session (2018-19) Class I - V School Readiness Programme for class -I w.e.f. 01/04/2018 to 11/05/2018 हां
8 CMP Calander of Activities Session (2018-19) Class I - V Planned Activities for Session(2018-19): April-May: Back to Basics. School Readiness Programme. July: Film show. First House Meeting. English Calligraphy.Film show. August: 2nd cluster level CMP meeting. FA-II Activities for III to V. Worksheet हां
9 CMP Calander of Activities Session (2018-19) Planned Activities for Session(2018-19):September: Celebration of Hindi Pakhwada. Kho-Kho Class(IV-V). Teacher's day Celebration. October: Film Show. FA-IV activities. November: Class Magazine Publication. Children's Day Clebration हां
10 CMP Calander of Activities Session (2018-19) Planned Activities for Session(2018-19): December: GrandParent's day TLM Exhibition KVS Fundation Day Celebration Chrismas Celebration. January: Swamin Vivekanand B'day Celebration. Publication of Vidyalaya's News Letter. February: PTAMeeting हां